Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Drive to Luderitz

This past weekend I left Luderitz to catch up with some friends from Group 34, since I hadn't seen anyone since early December! It was a great weekend, and I'm psyched about the last half of this term! One sketchy hike to Keetmanshoop, and a semi-sprint to the service station later, I managed to barely squeeze into the only reliable and safe combi service [in my opinion] in all of Nam - what luck! Had I arrived 3 minutes later I would have been stuck at the service station for an indefinite amount of time, crossing my fingers that another combi would be going to Luderitz, or else staying in Keetmans for the night. The Sunday combi was not Aunty Anna's normal combi, but a regular car. About an hour and a half into the journey, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to take some pictures of this crazy drive. I had a window seat, a surprisingly clean window, and didn't feel like I would get judged as a tourist because everyone in the car knew I was a teacher already! Unfortunately, the first half of the drive does have some sights - notably the edge of Fish River Canyon. But since I have only a handful of these trips left [wait whatttt?!] I'm going to share some highlights of what I managed to take. Maybe now people will better understand when I tell them I live on the moon, also known as the edge of the world. 

P.S. I hope you particularly enjoy the signs that we start to see about 30k outside of Luderitz. WIND, SAND, and ! [wish I knew what that meant!] there was also one with a hyena on it but I didn't catch it in time.

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  1. golly. i just love southern namibia! such a strange place. please tell me you've seen fish river canyon up close?!?