Thursday, February 28, 2013

Athletics are OVER!

Thank the Lord, because 30 minute classes were killing me. Oh, also having to coach athletics [aka track and field] was not my favorite thing either. On our Inter-House Athletics days my house, Blue House, got third, out of three houses, for the second year in a row. Actually the first and second were the same too. I think the teams are stacked. But really, the team that won didn’t abide by the age restrictions, after all the fuss over them in the first place. Oh well! Normalcy is back at school instead of the early morning practices, so I’m happy!

The next two videos are a couple of the cheers we did as the blue house [or Blou Huis] attempted to get psyched.
One of my learners, Nakwila, was leading the cheers, and she plus other members of my girls group helped me write down what they were saying, since I couldn’t really decipher most of it at the time.

One of the songs was in Xhosa [South African language], and one went:
Blou Huis dekka dekka
Rooi Huis okwa luza
Dekka means winner, okwa luza means loser

In this one above you can hear some english, then
Ta! means charge/fighting words.
Ons sien vir rooi huis
Hulle sit in die tambo* huis
Hulle drink net tambo

*Tambo is an incredibly cheap and also incredibly potent homemade liquor in the Owambo culture. So that cheer is basically people chanting that the other teams are drunks – they sit in the tambo house and only drink…  I’m not remembering any kind of cheers like that from middle school!

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