Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Africa Day!

So I actually have lot of things to write about, but I’ll get to backtracking later. For now, Term 2 is back in swing full force after a month long holiday. We have a new principal, and the changover to his leadership has been… interesting. Staffroom dynamics, I hope they will improve. The kids had a nice holiday as well, and it only took until the third day of classes for the antics to return. 

The Grade 7s led the other girls in the dancing
On Thursday, as I watched the lines of 6C enter my classroom, I did not notice the as-yet-unidentified culprit who unloaded a rather large hat filled with very much alive spider-beetle-esque bugs all over my desk/one side of the classroom. Unfortunately, none of the learners noticed either, that is not until everyone had already entered and started to sit down. Mass chaos proceeded amongst the 35 learners, as well as the highest of pitches of screams I have ever heard, really my ears were ringing. To be fair, I also had to stifle my own scream, these bugs are actually really nasty looking. It took all I had to remain calm when I discovered two strays that hadn’t been dealt with near my desk after I had already quieted everyone down. Let’s just say that one of the morning devotions that my principal led this week may have been directed at me – it had a message to the effect of those who shout or lose their patience are stupid. The sound of my yells might just have to be something that he will get used to… despite it being located right next to the office [which should encourage good behavior], there is never a dull or really subdued moment in Classroom #1 at DPS. To be honest, that’s kind of how I like it.

On Friday it was the 50th anniversary of the OAU – Organization of African Unity. After break we had a small program to celebrate as a school. I was so excited because I finally had another chance to film some traditional Owambo dances!! I filmed a fair amount of things last year from the cultural groups, but I was extremely far away/my camera was half-broken so the quality wasn’t good enough, but now I have redeemed myself! Happy Africa Day everyone!

These girls are awesome! Martha, Nelago, Julia, Mekondjo, Ndeshihafela, Veronica, Nalitye, Dorothea, and all the others who are Grade 5 or younger J