Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It All Begins

Since I’m leaving in less than a week I have to stop thinking about starting this blog and just it get it going! I leave the country on Monday August 22 to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia for the next 27 months! Definitely in freak out mode, but because I don’t have too many details of where I’ll be living or specifics about my job it's hard to be too crazy nervous. A lot of people have been asking me questions about my future life in Namibia, so let’s recap!

What I do know:
-       I will be an English Teacher for Upper Primary or Secondary School students
-       All Volunteers in Africa also work on HIV/AIDS awareness as well
-       I will be receiving training for two months, both language and technical. While in training I will live with a host family
-       When I am sworn in and move to my permanent site in October, I will live with a host family
What I don’t know:
-       Which of the 7 languages spoken in Namibia I will be learning
-       Where I will be training, or where my permanent site will be

Everything will be clear soon enough, and I can’t wait to tell you all about this experience! For now, I’ll be trying to pack my life into the PC designated 80-pound maximum of luggage. This may take a while.  


  1. praying for you! excited to hear where exactly you're placed and what language you'll be speaking. for now...wa le le po! and welcome to namibia!

  2. Claire:

    You are awesome! Best of luck in Namibia. You go girl!