Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm here!

Well, I made it to Namibia! The past two days have felt like two months, but I found an American-run internet cafe and some free time so let me update a little bit! We arrived at the airport in Windhoek the capital at 5 in the morning on Wednesday, it was like 40 degrees and i didn't have a jacket oops, and we all looked a little ridiculous in the business casual attire we were supposed to show up in. When we made it through customs with the PC Namibia Director Gilbert Collins, the PCMO, and the administrative officer, we were greeted by several current volunteers and PC staff singing to us and welcoming us, which was so nice! I didn't realize they were there for us at first but it made everyone so happy that we journeyed for 2 days to be welcomed into the country. We drove through Windhoek and 45 minutes to a city where we'll be training. We were greeted at the training site by the rest of the training staff singing Namibian/South African songs to us! We then went straight into orientation meetings for the rest of the day; this got to be pretty difficult by noon when we hadn't eaten for a long time and I personally was having a hard time staying awake. However, after lunch we got a tour of the city and it's great! We'll be moving into our host family homes in a week so it'll be good to get acquainted with everything here first. I'll tell more specific things later, but I love my group here, the current volunteer leader are so helpful, and the training staff is awesome. The next two months have been said to be the hardest because they are so jam packed with learning and training, so we'll see when it gets in full swing on Monday and I can't wait to tell you more specific things I've learned when I have more time! For now, chocolate cake in this cafe, and mapping out the game of assassin that all the volunteers will be playing starting tomorrow!


  1. Can't wait to hear an audio clip of you singing Namibian songs... Please post! Carnegie Hall is waiting.

  2. So happy you are safely in Namibia. I love the pictures - post more if you have time! How's the phone working? Do you think you'll get data?

    Miss you lots. Mimi and I baked pumpkin muffins this past weekend to welcome the beginning of fall. The liners we used had multi colored leaves!

  3. Glad you're off to a good start! Can't wait to know more once you're going. Although it seems kinda shallow to say so on your peace corps blog, I love your haircut.

    sorry I missed you in D.C. I'm moving on Thursday. Perhaps I'll still be there when you get back :) bisous

  4. claire so excited for you! sounds like you're off to an amazing start. and the haircut looks great!

  5. FYI "cb165aae-d283-11e0-ad65-000bcdcb5194" is me, Lumay. I'm really bad with all this sign-in stuff and got really confused.

    Give us an update when you can!!