Friday, August 16, 2013

We did it! Group 34's COS Conference

It wouldn't officially be over unless we got certificates! Group 34 on our last day together!

A couple weeks ago I headed up to Windhoek for my final Peace Corps Conference! It was our Close of Service Conference [or COS in the PC world of abbreviations], and the last time that our whole group will probably ever be together again. The two days were filled with sessions looking to the future in terms of job searching, networking, a career panel, and putting elements of our service on a resume [that's going to be difficult], in addition to standard admin and medical sessions. And since it was our last time together, PC had our group go the extra step and cross that line in knowing WAY too much about each other, in the form of the dreaded stool sample, which we received a detailed e-mail regarding prior to our arrival [one of the funnier e-mails I've ever read]. Each morning everyone hopped into the combi with a small brown paper bag... of their poop. Suffice it to say that this was a significant topic of conversation, as the office needed 3 samples from each person to make sure we aren't swarming with parasites/amoebas/any other thing like that. Apart from that experience, it was an awesome week and way to say goodbye to the amazing people I came to this country with 2 years ago. Out of 38 we still have 32 people here [and we only lost 4 of those 6 who left in the past few months!]. We are not only the oldest, but also the biggest group of Volunteers in Namibia! Well, not counting our replacements, who got here a few days after this conference ended. Time has gone by so fast! I still have some things to check off my list before I go, lots to do before I'm out of here in 6 weeks, let's finish this right NAM!

Our last night out in Windhoek. I'm going to miss these crazy people so much!!

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  1. Congrats Claire! I can't believe you already went through COS Conference. We just got the first official email about ours. Time is flying! Hope you have a wonderful last few months in Namibia. bisous coloc!