Friday, January 11, 2013

December Holiday: AmericaStyle!

Really there isn’t anything extraordinary to write about my trip to America. It was pretty standard America, which is to say, amazing. Wonderfully cold winter weather, Mexican food, Target, bagels, comfortable couches, driving, cable TV, snow on Christmas Eve, movie theaters, good friends, and my family, what more can you ask for? It was a perfect and much-needed break from Namibia. In the days/couple weeks before my flight home I really reached my limit in terms of African time, customer service [or rather the lack thereof that often exists here], and the exhaustion of traveling without a private car, both public transportation and hiking. Going home was the best thing I could have done to prepare for another [almost] year of service. And, after three weeks, I was really refreshed and totally ready to return. I am re-energized for my upcoming projects, and so excited to start off 2013 at Diaz Primary School. It was great getting back - my principal happened to be at the airport when I got to Luderitz [yay lift home!], and the day after that when I went to the grocery I ran into 5 people I knew, then saw three of my learners in town. I love feeling like a part of this town! And I still say this, even after I went yesterday to get a few pictures printed in town, and the lady helping me laid all of them out for the large group of other customers to see and marvel at!
New Years Eve stateside!
Anyway, this year I am looking forward to continuing the battle of teaching in trying out some new ideas, activities with my girls’ group, facilitating a new and exciting life skills/HIV education program that incorporates soccer, a promising community recycling project, the end of my Peace Corps service, a trip around the world with a some fellow PCVs, and a return home to America just in time for another Christmas. Let’s do this 2013!

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