Sunday, July 22, 2012

Feels Like Christmas in July

I’ve been a bit mia lately, sorry neh! Things have just started to pick up at a rapid pace! This term is really flying by. What’s been going on as of late in Luderitz… for the 4th of July a guy from my group happened to be in town for a training, and I also hosted a PCV from South Africa at my house. Funnily enough an older couple from his group was also in town, and so was the other volunteer who used to live in Luderitz, so we had a big barbeque and American feast!  It’s always fun hanging out with other PCVs and hearing about how their service differs/is similar to ours, so it was a fun couple of days. Oh I also wore some neon blue pants to work with assorted red white and blue gear, and let the kids ask all the questions they wanted about America, they loved it.

Other then that, things are the same old over here. We’re reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in my English classes, which I think the kids are really enjoying – though some of them have been disappointed when they’ve asked if Willy Wonka is still alive and I have to tell them that the story is made up.  This coming week I’m heading to an ICT workshop, which will hopefully help a counterpart from my school and I in developing a curriculum for computer classes at the school, so I’m looking forward to it a lot! When I get back there will be just a week left before exams start and the term wraps up, crazy!

Also, I'm getting SO excited/anxious because the Olympics start in T-5 days!!! I'm excited because I'm slightly obsessed with the Olympics. I'm anxious because I am about 95% sure that I will not be able to watch any of it. I wish there was a sports bar or something here, or someone who also likes the Olympics who has a TV I could camp out in front of, unfortunately neither of those options exist. My colleagues have given me some semi-judgmental looks when I alerted them about how soon they start. I guess it's just not a big deal here - Namibia is sending 9 people to the Olympics. 

Finally, a few amusing interactions to share about my crazy Grade Sixes

Found this on one of my learner’s spelling quizzes:
A letter to miss Nowlin
Dear Teacher
I Helena will hereby like to inform you that
In your class I keep my mouth shut
It has started from Monday up to Friday
This week I love to listen to you Teacher

During break several weeks ago I was walking with a couple learners to buy a fat cake [they're too cheap and delicious to resist]. As I literally go to take my first bite of this fried dough, one of these learners asks 'is Miss N on a diet?' I am kind of confused at first because sarcasm is not something I experience a lot from Namibians, but I'm eating a fat cake!! Not sure whether she's insulting me [in reality I probably should be eating better these days] or what's going on, I say, 'Uhhhh no look I'm eating this fat cake here, this is not healthy! But yeah I guess I should start exercising more...' and the learner goes 'no Miss N, Miss was very fat, very very fat when she first got here, now Miss is looking nice.' I thanked her, but remain pretty confused about that whole conversation.

For one of the recent English continuous assessment marks I prompted the writing task with “What is your biggest achievement or success?” after explaining what success and achievement mean, this is all that one of my naughtiest girls wrote:
I am very good at making Miss Nowlin angry, really really angry.

A couple weeks ago I brought a salad to work for my lunch. I felt pretty accomplished/proud of myself too! Upon taking it out, a group of 6 girls approached me with looks of shock and repulsion on their faces.
Girls: MISS N, what is Miss N eating?!?!?!
Me: I have a salad, it’s delicious!
Girls: Miss N, that is NOT nice food! Why is Miss N eating that???
Me: This is a really healthy lunch to have, it’s good for you to eat vegetables girls!
Girls: NO MISS N, NO they are not even cooked! That is NOT nice!!! *cue looks of disgust and Namibian expression “ooooooh-ahh-ahh” as they walk out of the classroom*

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  1. This has no connection to your blog post although it was very entertaining, but since I don't have Facebook because of rush, I'm using the comment option on your blog to send you the links to the most relevant/classic ones from the 'what should africa call me' tumbler that you told me about the other day...they all are so accurate of you.