Saturday, February 18, 2012


Last weekend was the culmination of Diaz athletics! The Upper Primary grades [5-7] were divided into the Blue, Red, and Yellow Houses and went up against one another. Friday was field events at the school. We had shotput, discus, long jump, and high jump, with boys and girls divided into Under 11 and Under 13 categories. I watched/helped judge the boys shotput which was fun. Then Saturday morning was exciting because we had the track events at the stadium in Luderitz. As usual, chaos ensued in when it came to getting the learners together, but everyone still had a good time. I think only about half of the kids from the blue house [my team] showed up, ahhhtata. Also some of the learners that had won races in the practice and were therefore on my lineup straight up refused to participate – ‘but miss I will not run that length it is too far, I will faint!’

high jump!

sprints at the Luderitz Stadium!
 It was really fun to see all the houses sing chants against each other – I wish my camera hadn’t died or I would’ve taken a video! Anyway, the last event was the relay and everyone was pumped about cheering for it! Then all of a sudden teachers were telling me it was time to run. Oh no, ohhhhh no, I have proven to myself the past several months that in many, many ways I am willing to embarrass myself, but I have a limit, and this was that limit. Revealing my inability to run through racing in front of 250 or so naturally gifted athletes, aww hellll no! Thank the dear lord that no one informed me to wear sneakers [and that my foot was paining me/preventing me from running barefoot!]. I watched 5 other teachers race alongside kids which was hilarious. In the end, the blue house was crushed... we were in last place by a lot, but everyone still had fun!

Anyway, in a couple weeks Diaz and the other two primary schools here will face off - hopefully we will win and make it to the regional competition!

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  1. hahaha thats too bad, i would have loved to read the story if you had run!