Thursday, November 17, 2011

Save Me From Boredom

First installment of things I tried to stop being bored:
Why: a big origami manual was on someone’s external hard drive during training, so I took it in the hopes I could make cool things out of paper.
How long did it last: 15 minutes. The basic beginner elephant I tried to make failed miserably. I think I got to step 2, but then I was lost. I definitely don’t have the patience for origami anyway
Reading a 375-Page Yoga Book
Why: I’m trying to get into yoga here, thought I’d read about it to help understand these weirdo poses
How long did it last: an hour, then I realized it was maintaining the level of boredom I had already, so I went back to watching How I Met Your Mother.
Reading All the Lonely Planet Southern Africa Countries
Why: explanation unnecessary, obviously I love planning trips, and have begun my family itinerary for our May adventure
How long did it last: ongoing! This is really fun, but I get easily frustrated when I read about something cool and want to look it up, only to realize that I have to wait until 4 am to use the internet… and then when my alarm goes off I’ve forgotten why I woke up [sleep > internet]
Reading the Peace Corps Nam Cookbook, cover to cover
Why: this was a very self-destructive act, since I live with a host family without an oven. And somehow I am never included in their trips to the grocery.
How long did it last: too long. Luckily I stopped before I got to desserts [thanks for that advice Mo!]
Why: wanted to try to fix the broken purse issue
How long did it last: 20 minutes. My sewing abilities show promise [maybe], but my purse is good and done, gotta let it go.

I am so incredibly bored it is out of control. Please someone give me suggestions of how to occupy my seemingly endless time in the afternoons. I had to take a kindle hiatus after I realized none of my books would be able to compete with my Hunger Games trilogy obsession, which I read in its entirety in 4 days. Also, I have gone through all of Glee, Game of Thrones, and my new favorite show Modern Family on the TV via external hard drive front. I would venture outside my house, but the packs of dogs that have been roaming around in my location recently kind of frighten me. Once I move into my permanent house, my adventures in learning to cook, on a for-real-budget, will begin! Countdown rests at 13 days!

School front: there are a lottt of Grade 5 learners so teachers decided to create a 5th section of them for me to proctor during exams. So, naturally, who received the naughtiest kids from each section? This girl. It’s going to be a hellish 13 days, the kids were absolutely horrid on day 1. I told a boy to put his food away because there’s no eating in class, so to spite me he put the plastic bag in his mouth, intent to eat it. I told him he’d get sick, but he just gave me a belligerent look, and proceeded to chew the bag for the next 30 minutes, when he finally realized there was no way he’d be able to swallow it and live. And I beat my previous record of breaking up 2 fights in one day, it has been upped to 4 [albeit more minor ones than the epic showdown in 6C last week]. However, the lows of the morning were countered by the fact that I got a package!! Can’t wait to get it and find out who it’s from/what’s in it! Also, I began grading one of the English exams that my kids took today, and it appears as if I have gotten through to some of my learners, at least the ones I was given a chance to review with. They understood my lesson on run-on sentences!!!! They truly cannot spell, but at least they understand the power of short and concise sentences, a small victory that I will gladly take. Also, most of them seem to have understood my lesson on what forms a complete sentence [how did they not know that yet???] wooot. I just got into a semi-groove with the current Grade 6s, and now I have to move on to these new misbehaving ones ahhhhh!

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