Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flash Mob?

I forgot to post this a while back. The first week in country when we stayed at a training center together, we were all pretttty bored - and were around each other literally 24/7 camp-style. In order to entertain ourselves we played a heated game of assassin, countless card games, ninja, and a massive game of mafia. We also decided it'd be a great idea to do a flash mob, to the tune of "I Just Can't Wait to be King." We introduced it one day during the song portion of the morning, and the trainers seemed to really enjoy it - though at first they thought we were performing a traditional American dance for them, so they wanted us to teach it to them. This link goes to the second [slightly more unorganized] dance several days later when some of them wanted us to repeat it so they could join in! Thanks to Steven who uploaded this to youtube already!! Also, today is my one month NAMiversary, loving it so far!


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